Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Tale of Medical Horror...

A twisted plot is always not enough for Horror films to say it's actually worth watching. Much like for B-Horror movies, it's not the death itself that's so bad but how or what might one have to go through to get there. I've seen a lot of films of this type but this one lingers in my mind, that in terms of inflicting and torturing its victims this one stands out. One needs to be sickly insane and depraved to pursue this ordeal over the simplicity of murdering a human being.

In medical science we grew to knowledge that conjoined twin (humans to be specific) is to be surgically separated but here we have sick and a mad doctor with a warped surgical vision. From his twisted mind, to absolute distaste for humanity and his desire not only to play god but to be a god (literally) - creator of things. And his creation a "Human Centipede".

Ever wonder what it would be like to take three human beings and sew them all together via their digestive tracts? These are alive human beings! Get the idea? This movie is not a shock classic but this is one of the most conceptually disgusting movie in its genre.

I know this a bit of a spoiler but most people I know with strong stomach probably have watched this anyway. And for one, the details are common in horror films, and in case you don't have idea you may grateful and thankful that I warned you.

At first we saw a man glancing wistfully at a picture that looks to be Rottweilers doing a conga line (triplets). Dr. Heiter a once respected surgeon now in retreat to his suburban remotely and isolated luxurious home.  He drugs his victims and dumps them in an operating room located in his home basement. When he finally able to collect humans with matching tissues (means he wasted some) and victims regain consciousness, he begins to exhibit his creativity and demonstrate his surgical skills, but before doing so he briefly explains to his victims on how he plans to do it. Better stop reading here if you have a weak stomach.

To surgically join the victims, he sews them together via their mouths and anuses in one row (which prompt my circumstantial weird thoughts like "Were you'd rather be? In the front, middle or back?). Knee caps were also surgically modified so they can move via hands knees to literally move like an insect, a centipede. Escalating to its disgust ion is that the food that goes in at the front digested and comes out in the rear. Dr. Heiter begins to toy with his new pet, ordering them to crawl and feeding them or I'd say just one (front segment) in a bowl. Now here's the sickest part, Katsuro (the Japanese) in the front suddenly down facedly apologizes for his need to excrete (Pity for the second segment). Dr. Heiter joyfully shouts, "Feed her!! Feed her!" For odd reason she seems reluctant (as if she have a choice). We don't really see anything (visibly the shit I mean) there by the way, and that's pretty much gross enough to imagine. Just watch and judge it yourself. Heck I'm sure I don't want to be part of human centipede but in contrivances all nobody most certainly want to be in the middle.

Now on how about the movie ended? I'll leave you the rest to be discovered. The end may surprise you and I think it's fair enough that you too have some share of the movies atrocities and vile perversion. (LoL)

In the premise subject matter, we have been presented of movies that tackles the horrors of medical science i.e. island of Dr. Morrow and the ever popular Frankenstein. But a prominent distinction is made due to its claim of 100% medical accuracy (I couldn't agree nor disagree I'm no doctor) of the featured procedure, which to me making the movie all the more twisted and horrific.

To wrap this up, the film is true enough to its genre and indeed it delivered what audiences presumably expect, it even scored high on this scale. In fact the movie won the recent Screamfest Horror Film Festival Awards as Best Picture.

So for midnight B-movie fans, it's a pleasure to say that this stomach-churning piece and all its depravation and disgust ion this will surely satisfy you. Obviously for some this is not going to be a cup to tea but for those willing to sit through the film's gory moments, and delve deeper into the narrative you'll find something uniquely enthralling.

 And at times when the horror genre is crying out for originality, this piece simply cannot be ignored.

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